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Science and Technology Convergence Platform is an initiative of Catalyst Foundation implemented with the support of EU4Business "Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia" project.

STCP is an initiative that aims to accelerate and facilitate the collaboration between local science, industry, academia, government, and donor community representatives.

We want to contribute to the establishment of the strong fundamentals for the local scientific and tech environment.

STCP develops technology transfer practices and science funding possibilities in Armenia.

STCP intends to convert STCC from a single event into a continues process. 

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  • Getting grants and equity financing

  • Designing projects aligning science, IP, legal, and business strategies

  • Talent growth and relocation of experts

  • Community building and nurturing

STCP that teams up different players and supports:

  • Reach out the market

  • Design Products

  • Acquire funds

Researchers, who want to:

  • Reach out research labs

  • Know the state of the art

  • Get new talents

Entrepreneurs, who want to:

  • Funding programs

  • New talents

Universities and Research Labs, who are looking for:

  • Research labs and universities

  • New talents

Funding programs, who are looking for:
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